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Wine Cooler Blunders You Don’t Want To Make

Getting the best out of your wine is paramount to every wine lover. Especially as it relates to the color, taste, and texture. But because you want to have all of these qualities preserved, there are certain wine cooler blunders you don’t want to make.

This is because any mistake that will lead to the inefficiency or improper functioning of your cooler will negatively affect your wine. However, you do not want that.

How about if you’re shown a few notes that can serve as a simple and effective guide to helping you avoid this shipwreck of a mistake?

Below are a few blunders that you MUST not make regarding your wine cooler.

1. Cooler’s placement and ground balance

Your cooler’s placement and ground balance sit at the forefront of the important keynotes that you must take seriously if you must preserve your wine well enough.

This is because an improper cooler placement precedes cooler vibration, and vibration results in increased entropy of the sediments and all chemical composition of your vintages. This is one easy way to cause premature wine aging. To avoid this, place your wine cooler fridge on an even surface.

2. Purchasing a cooler with a single-zone

While it is true that people should cut their coats according to their sizes, it is also true that whatever is worth doing is worth doing very well. Different truths coexist.

A true wine lover knows that red and white wines have different ideal preservation temperatures. And is it not terrible enough that a cooler with a single zone keeps all the wines at the same temperature? Of course, the only exception is if you’re setting for just a single wine type. There are good red and white wine fridges you can check around.

3. Getting a cooler that has no child lock

Except, of course, if you’re a bachelor or a spinster, then this doesn’t pertain to you. But if you don’t want those little humans finding their way into your cooler and having their hands digging in, ensure that the cooler you’re getting has a child lock.

And this is for two main reasons; for your child’s safety and the protection of your vintages.

4. You must not overland your cooler

Overloading your cooler is a very terrible thing to do. The circulation of the air therein makes for the cooling to occur properly.

In a case where your cooler is more stuffed than normal, it spurs the inadequacy of the cooler’s functionality, which goes on to affect the wines. Although you might have regulated the cooling intensity, it has been affected by the congestion of the bottles. They are not getting the right storage temperature.

What To Note

After having followed the instructions on this guide, it is important to note that until you also place your cooler in a direction away from sunlight, which can affect the savor of the wine, and not put the cooler in tight corners where it is bereft of proper ventilation, you will have problems. You must also regularly clean the cooler too. All of these are wine cooler blunders you don’t want to make.