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The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Flooring Cleaning Techniques and Best Practices

Commercial floors are exposed to much foot traffic and can attract germs. Dirty floors are unsightly and a health and safety hazard for employees and visitors.

Proper cleaning will prolong its lifespan if your facility has tile or another type of flooring. Using the right tools and knowing the best methods for each surface is essential for maintaining clean floors.


Commercial flooring Manhattan NY, is subject to much more foot traffic than the average home. They require a higher standard of cleanliness than residential flooring and must be maintained more frequently to keep them in good condition.

Before using a cleaning solution, a floor should be swept or vacuumed to remove loose dirt and debris. Then, the floor should be mopped using a clean microfibre mop. Before doing this, the mop should be soaked in the solution and properly wrung out to prevent excess water that can seep into floor cracks and cause damage.

Regular scrubbing and waxing can also keep commercial floors looking good. A top scrubbing can eliminate embedded dirt without the need for full stripping. This process can also add a layer of protection that extends the floor’s lifespan.


Floor cleaning is a big part of facility management, and you must take the time to get the job done right. This is especially true regarding the floors in your commercial property because they are one of the first things visitors and clients will notice.

Sweeping can help to clear away larger elements of surface dirt and prevent these items from becoming embedded into the flooring finish and causing damage. Sweeping should be a regular cleaning routine, particularly in areas with heavy foot traffic.

Commercial Flooring Cleaning

Before mopping, sweep the floor thoroughly to remove any loose dirt, debris, and sand. Failure to do this can cause the cleaning chemicals to respread the dirt on the floor and lengthen the overall cleaning process.


A scrubber/dryer machine uses a brush that scrubs the flooring and a wiper that removes the dirty water. These machines reduce cleaning times and help you sanitize your floors more quickly. They are available in walk-behind and ride-on models and can clean large spaces more efficiently than manual mopping.

Before using a scrubber/dryer, sweeping and vacuuming the area thoroughly is important. This will help to avoid damaging the machine and repairing dirt.

It is also important to use the right cleaning chemicals. Properly mixing the solution can reduce fumes and ensure your floors are clean. Also, it is vital to have wet signs and allow the floors to dry completely before people can walk on them.

Floor Mats

Floor mats are a simple and effective way to protect floors from grit and excess water. In high-traffic areas like entryways, a commercial floor mat can collect pounds of dirt daily, reducing the need for heavy cleaning equipment.

Using a vinyl mesh entrance scraper mat at the entrance will prevent shoes from dragging in extra dirt and moisture, which can lead to costly scratches or other damage. A grooved mat can also help reduce the risk of slips and falls when wet.

To keep your mats clean, ensure they are hose-rinsed and thoroughly dried before putting them back in place. This will prevent mildew and harmful mold growth. It’s important to do this regularly in high-traffic areas or as needed.

Cleaning While People Are Working

Floors in commercial spaces endure abundant foot traffic and often experience damage caused by items being dropped or dragged across them. This creates cracks and scratches that collect dirt and may be impossible to remove with just cleaning products.

Having the right equipment for each task allows your team to clean faster and more efficiently. It also helps minimize the risk of slips and falls, accounting for 20% of workplace injuries.

A properly cleaned and maintained floor provides a professional appearance that can help attract and retain clients. It can also reduce the germs and bacteria that may be spread in space and extend its lifespan. The best commercial flooring companies know how to use the most effective equipment and techniques for each type of floor, resulting in a gleaming finish.