My name is Adam Jůva @Juwe11 and I am 23 years old.

I am Android developer and also businessman and Co-Founder of company JKS Enterprise s.r.o.

The Smart Projects is name for all Android projects created by me.

These projects are mainly focused on improving performance and optimizing the Android OS.

It all started when I had learned something about Linux's work with memory. It is similar to Android, so I used this knowledge and created my first application RAM Manager, which is probably also the most successful one.

When I was creating RAM Manager I also learnt something about other useful features in root and I understood that these system files are very useful and can be tweaked in lots of ways.

Since that time I have developed lots of others applications and you can find all information about it in Portfolio section.

I am grateful to XDA-developers community, because they introduced me to "backstage" in Android.

I also want to thanks to all my friends, who helped me with my projects (website, design, etc.) and of course to all my customers, who supported me.